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Banji Alo

Health Specialist, Data Scientist, Graduate Career Consultant

I am a Data Scientist and Health Specialist with a background in Public Health and Data Science. I have worked with governments, consulting, not-for-profit and international development organisations in Nigeria, Australia and the Pacific regions. Outside of routine work, I engage with students, graduates and early-career individuals to design innovative approaches to assist them in landing their dream jobs and being the best in the industry. I enjoy reading books on personal finance, psychology, leadership and personal development. Send a message



Banji is a health systems professional with over five years of experience working in private, public and international development sectors. Banji has a strong focus on monitoring, evaluation and management of healthcare programs, as he has worked on donor-funded programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and the Pacific. He possesses outstanding analytical, problem-solving and research capabilities, as he has utilised various analytical methodologies to inform evidence-based research and decision making

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Data Science
Healthcare Research


Leadership Statement and Philosophy

Leadership Statement and Philosophy An important part of this portfolio is to critically evaluate the philosophies, values and principles that guide me as an aspiring leader (more

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Leadership Style and Strategies

Leadership Style and Strategies I have observed various leadership styles, techniques and strategies in the course of my interactions with colleagues, classmates, (more…)

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